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Hello fellow wargamers! I've been involved in 40k for about 6 years now & have played several different armies. I started with DE & not knowing very much about the game, got slaughtered REPEATEDLY. Then moved to Tau & had fun playing them, but after the release of 5th edition, there was only one competitive build for them. So, I dusted off my Dark Angels that I purchased some years before & started a Deathwing army. That was fun (for a while) but again, there was really only one way to do them competitively (I feel anyway). So, here I am, building the army that down in my deepest parts of my soul, I've always wanted to play. CSM. Namely, Thousand Sons.

I've been around on a few sites, Tauonline being the most notable, however, they cater mostly to Tau (go figure :wink:) and while they have several knowledgeable members, there wasn't much in the way of information on CSM, their builds, tactics, etc. So, here I am, thinking about a new home & what better home than on a Chaos specific site :grin:

~Lord Xythius
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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