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Greetings Gamers,
My Parents named me William, my Marines named me "Doc" and I am a Game-o-Holic.:grin:

I am a paleo-gamer. I began gaming with Avalon Hill board games more than 30 years ago. I went through a bunch of RPGs (AD&D, TS). I started miniature gaming about 15 years ago. I'm new to 40K but I have 2WHFB armies (Dwarves and Greenskins), 2 WAB armies (Celts and Crusaders) and a number of historical armies from other eras and rule sets. I've begun putting together a Black Templar Army.

I also build scale models and own a resin casting company specializing in diorama products.

When I'm not at my bench butchering plastic or pushing lead around a table, I'm an avid Soccer and Motorsports fan.

I'm a career Firefighter and Fire Investigator.

I'm married 20 years :shok: to a very understanding woman and we raise and train Australian Shepherds.

Looking forward to learning and building my skills.

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Hello Doc and welcome to the site,

sounds like you can teach us as much as you're gonna learn :grin:.

Would love to see some of you're various armies/minis appearing in the gallery.

Have fun.:yahoo:
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