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Hello all!
just joined up, I've played 40k for about 15 years, took the last two off and came back to a crazy mess of dataslates and supplements! Formations? yeah...sounds good! haha!

Unfortunately I see my favorite traitor marines are still meh, and not even the formations really help. Id love to get something going for around 500pts to fight my friend's "start collecting" Tau box set. I played a game with the contents of the "start collecting" Space Wolves set and got totally buried in missiles.

It's hard to say, because on one hand, I don't want to start power gaming at 500pts, but on the other hand....I don't want to lose EVERY game. Sometimes is fine, it is a game after all and I definitely do have fun, but I can't even imagine how to beat the sheer amount of fire power you face even at such a low points level. It's a little frustrating.

Anyways! I look forward to wandering around the site!

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Welcome aboard mate!

Unfortunately, Chaos really do suffer at the 500 points level against those blue shooty bastards...

Considered starting a Path to Glory campaign to let you and your friend slow grow forces? I think Chaos really comes into its own with 5-6 units on the table.

Also, I highly recommend checking out the many-small-unit friendly Khorne Daemonkin book, it actually rewards you for playing chaos the way they want to be played and losing buckets of models to shooting early on!

Enjoy Heresy mate!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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