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New Member here, have played as Blood Angels + Imperial Guard since 1995. Have a massive collection made from; 2000 point BA army Box, 2000 point Space Wolves army Box, and 7 M&B Space Crusade sets, metal storm, and various other sci-fi board games, plus assorted armour including Eldar grav tanks and a new edition land raider(all in various states of completion). Haven't played in years but used to play on a nightly basis with my father(he had a thing for Space Wolves) and my cousins Boyfriend(who always loved playing as the chaos/Game Master). All of our matches would be played on a ping pong table using converted M&B Space Crusade Rules as we found them allot more easy to use and allot more streamlined than traditional Warhammer Rules. Most of this now resides boxed in my attic.

More recently I find it easier to sink my time into the electronic side of WH40K, through the DOW and DOW2 series, as well as Space Marine (which I thoroughly enjoyed).
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