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So... how do I start this. That's the thing about these intro posts, you never know how too make an entrance that doesn't seem too over confident, but also isn't something to be glanced over... Get what I mean?

So I might as well just say this. Hello! I'm Jokk, an Art student from the heart of London and an Imperial Guard through and through! For the Emperor yay!

As stated I'm a IG collector, with my main focus being on the lore and hobby rather then the game itself. I see the rule book, get scared, and just go back to my room to sob and paint my Cadians.
I clearly remember starting when I was about seven years old, so a good ten years now, and for some odd reason I went for the Tau. Why in the name of Holy Terra did I do that I will never know...


I hope to have fun here, discussing and talking with you all, and hell I might even pop into the RP section for a bit because who doesn't like a good bit of RolePlay!
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