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Greetings from the Middle of Nowhere

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While I have friends by the truckload that play I can't afford either the time or money, which is somewhat unfortunate really.

One of my friends is huge into IG. Another tends to run with Ork. It's good fun.

i"m personally more interested in the fluffy bits of fiction and have taken it on myself to attempt to write some that keeps the setting's material without being quite so terminally dark.

... well... without turning things into Brighthamer anyway. I signed up mostly for an excuse to pick people's brainson the things i couldn't quite figure out through Lexicanum. That and general social muckery with people as odd if not odder than me.
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This sunday's blog update is done, so expect more from my much picked on techpriest. Tempted to try getting a model of him made, but there's the whole money issue, plus the impracticality in spending sixty bucks on paint plus Throne only knows how much on the different plastic bits to get the right look PLUS learning how to paint and ending up with a model I'd only be halfway happy with and the fact once i have one model I have to make more since it'd look kinda lonely all by itself... which would then cut in on my blog (which is already threatened by general net doings.)

Trying to hurry up and bang out an update for tomorrow and got caught up in books.
Mostly because i haven't made anything. That's the whole reason I haven't.

Though if time, money, and materials permit I could try for some cosplay. That will most definitely go in the hobby section.
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