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G'day guys!

Long time fan of 40k here... not much of a collector and even less of a player unfortunately, but I do love and always have loved the depth of the lore.

Daemonhunters particularly took my fancy back in the day, saw some grey knights in a friends White Dwarf and just had to have. :p I'm sure many of you know the feeling I'm talking about.

Found this site thanks to an online friend of mine who I met while I was making custom badge and banner packs for Dawn of War (an rts <Real Time Strategy> game based on Warhammer 40k) - these are custom logos and flags to use in the game, and I designed a few back when I was in a bit of a modding phase. My packs have probably about 1,000 downloads altogether. They're still around, on Filefront Dawn of War.

This friend of mine (under the tag Mindlessness on these forums I believe) showed me the Heresy Online Fiction Competition 2010, (HOFC run by the esteemed Comissar Ploss), and as I've been having the urge to try out my writing abilities, I used it as a good excuse to see how I'd go. Only found out about the comp with about a week to go, came up with a story, and started writing it. When I got to 2,500 words of the maximum 5000 I realised my story wouldn't fit, but I just used this more as an opportunity to play around a bit. I have been thinking of writing more short stories based on the characters I've made, from my very own (and quickly made-up) Sons of Corax chapter.
If you'd like to check out my work - and please do - I'd love to hear any and all feedback you might have. It's my first attempt at writing and I'd like to get better. :) You can find a link to it in my signature.

As for why I'm called CaliBeR - that has been my online/gaming alias for years now. It's great when you stick to one identity, you pop up all over the place. I'm known as a Dawn of War.. badge and banner maker (I don't think that qualifies as skinning), a modder for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (amongst literally thousands of others :p) and am known in Counter-Strike: Source at a very competitive level (this time amongst hundreds).

Going back to Warhammer, I'm only 18 right now, and I'd like to get back into it soon if I could. I just have to get a little disposable income. :p
Epic Armaggedon (I'm not too sure about my names, apologies if I've got it wrong) particularly takes my fancy, as it seems to be on a much grander scale, and much more heavily focused on strategy. As a huge fan of games like the Total War series, and as I do quite well in these (I once won outnumbered 6-1 using only armed citizens), it's much more 'down my street'.
I've also been thinking of modelling up a few of the Sons from my story. I have no idea what this would take but I imagine I could do it.

My favourite memory playing tabletop would be versing my best friend who collected Tau. I was having a bit of a time closing range with my Grey Knights (Tau guns hurt, who knew?), but eventually I did so with a squad and killed his Ethereal. The rest of the force decided to run like hell. It was quite a sight, and ironically, probably the closest he ever got to beating my boys in grey.

So I realise this post has gotten HUGE. I'm bored right now, so there's my excuse for that. Anyway, hope to see you all around. :)
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