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Hello there, fellow pre-Heretics,

just wanted to post a welcome message here.

Name's Andreas, been a Wargamer for almost nine years now, plastic modeller for almost 20. Well, there's been a brief hiatus, in the time men usually discover the opposite sex to be not just the whiny version of men but a very interesting pastime as well. The more senior board members will know that time. To the young 'uns: You'll get to it.

Started with Tau (yes, I hang my head in shame), but sold them quickly afterwards to buy Space Wolves. End of Story. I've never been able to really get on with another army, I always kept coming back to the bearded drunk grey fellows. Now I got 3 Space Wolves armies (2nd, 3rd and 4th edition models). Now I am ready to move on.

Never got too interested in Fantasy, either. I love to play Mordheim, though - but a Fantasy army? Who needs horses when there's tanks to own?

And now I seek help and inspiration doing a Pre-Heresy World Eaters army, thanks to ForgeWorld bringing out the steamin' sexy different marks of Power Armour (thanks a lot, you greedy blood-sucking sons of...).

That's about it. Let's rock.
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