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Hey guys, just stopping by the ole 'Welcome Wagon' to say 'hey' and introduce myself.

I've only been playing Warhammer for a few months. I bought the "Battle for Macragge" years ago, yet never moved past assembling models as my wife and I began moving around the country. But as of the past few months I've developed a healthy (perhaps) obsession.

I've assembled a hefty Chaos Marine army, and played until my knees hurt in the past 6 months. I've also got a nice beginning to a Space Wolf group, as being of Scandinavian descent, I have to show them some love. Even further, I've been getting ready to put together a Skaven army for 8th ED. Fantasy.

Also, my wife and I (she plays Eldar/High Elves) will be moving to the UK, Mecca of Warhammer, at the end of the year so any tips and tricks you lot can offer me along the way of my stay would be most welcome. I gotta show the Brits that a dirty Yank can Kill! Maim! Burn! with the best of'em.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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