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Hi there,HiredGun from the game club Glancing 6 (or G6 for short), 1 of Middle Tennesse's premeir game clubs.My friend GrimJack told me of this site,said it was a good source of info.Although I'm not a Heretic per se', I have been known to work for them,if they're paying enough ,that is..hence "hired gun". At 1 time,all my armies were 'mercinaries' of a sort,Dogs of war, Lost and the Damned list used as 'pirates', that sort of thing.But GW decided to give those armies the boot,left me no choice but to play a regular -i.e- boring- list.:ireful2:
But it's all good,I still enjoy the games,been playing 40k since Rogue Trader,and Fantasy in 6th edition. I currently play SpaceWolves in 40k and Woodelves in WFB,but with the forthcomming 8th edition,those Ogres I have collecting dust may get some play time,they we're part of my now defunct Nurgle army,which had Mortals,Beast,and Daemons in it...thanx again GW for nixing my army...but I'm not bitter...not at all...:headbutt:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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