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right guys this workshop is goin to show u how to do a cool, quick and detailed purity seal. now i know alot of u guys will be sayin "but dark, i dont play space marines, this aint gunna be much use for me", thats true but the skills u will pick up here can be applied to any flat rippled surface eg ribbons, flags, banners, parchment, books, it will also provide the basis for the next workshop: fabric.

so, a day before each workshop ill post a pick of the tools ill be using and the tools u will need to to participate in the workshop. ill post the tutorial at 15:00 GMT 2morro (after my interview, wish me luck), u guys will be up against my 12 (soon to be 13) year old bro, who will be also learning with us

#1. small cup of water
#2. superglue
#3. Green Stuff
#4. Various Drill bits (or anythin that has a small circular end, swap in a biro pen if u dont have any)
#5. Sculpting tool, (the tool i have here is the one i use the most, u can use the GW sculpting tool. in this workshop u can get away with using just a sharp knife)
#6. Scalpel/Sharp blade (ideally u want something really sharp)
#7. Plasticard (or a soft surface thats easy to cut into, wont absorb much water and is nice and flat)
#0 your model :lol:

Afternoon guys,

Today’s Workshop is on purity seals, I want u to read a the tutorial first then give it a try, so lets get started

Get ur GS out, and take a mixture of 40% yellow and 60% blue, this is the opposite of wot most GS strips come in. This mixture will allow the GS to be more rigid and easier to manipulate. Mix it so u have a single green colour

Then leave it for 20 mins to cure a little, this will help u out when u come to use it because it makes it less sticky and easier to use.

Roll it into a ball and then using a wet thumb spread it out on the plasticard, make sure u put alot of water on the plasticard and water on the ball of GS

With a wet blade make a straight horizontal cut in to the GS and push the excess away from the cut

Then make a slightly diagonal cut next to the first cut so u have a really long narrow ‘V’ and push away the waste un till u have the central piece left

You then want to cut a small section of the top off and a small section of the bottom off, this will give a nice shape that isn’t too narrow at the top and isn’t too broad at the bottom

Now u have the shape u want, take ur sharp knife, tilt it so its close to being horizontal and slowly push the knife under the greenstuff, if u have put enough water down and have a sharp enough knife, the green stuff should lift fairly easily and fall back on its self a little, flatten it out and leave it to one side. If u don’t own a sharp enough knife, u can lift it with ur sculpting tool, or alternatively use petroleum jelly (vasaline) instead

Repeat the above process but try to make it slightly longer than the first, make sure u keep the plasticard wet

Now put the 2 pieces of parchment side by side so u can have a look at the size, one should be slightly longer than the other, flip the 2 pieces over so u can use the nice smooth side that has been touching the plasticard

Now take ur knife and use the point to push into the smaller piece of parchment, pick it up and psuh it into the other piece using the point of ur knife, make sure to overlap it on to the larger piece, and make sure it overlaps at an angle, u can always use a wet sculpting tool to push the pieces if u don’t get it right first time

When u have both pieces in the correct place use the round end of ur sculpting tool and push down the end where the knife point is, then use ur knife and cut off the corners, this will allow the seal to sit properly on the parchment, it will also stop any parchment from poking out of the side of the seal

Take a small amount of GS, roll in into a ball, dip it in the water, place it on the plasticard and using the flat end of the drill bit push down into it. If u havnt got any drill bits, use a biro pens point, after u push it down, use circular motions to increase the width of the middle

Use ur knife to cut close to the drill bit, cutting the corners to make a square, the then cut the corners off the square to make an octagon (I think it should have 8 sides, am not sure). Take the drill bit out and make a ball out of wot is left and place the drill bit back into the middle, pushing quite far
down, pull it out and u should have a rough seal left (it should look something like a red blood cell)

Use ur wet knife blade and ur wet sculpting tool on either side and just gently push it in to a circle, I find it helps if go in opposite directions when u push, when u are happy with the shape put the point of the knife into the seal and place it on the end of the parchment, making sure to push down with the blade. And thats how I do a purity seal, u can either leave the seal to cure for about 5 hrs, or u can pick it up push the knife through the seal and place it on ur model, using a wet sculpting tool apply it to the shape of the model

Extra details

Wavy Parchment

If u want the parchment to look like the wind is blowing it, take something curved (like a small drill bit) and place the parchment over it (u may want to blue tac the drill bit down to make this easier, using a wet tool push down slightly so it takes the curve of the drill bit

Damaged Parchment

If u want to add more detail to the parchment ur can make small cuts at the sides and the bottom to make it look like its been torn

Extra Detail

To increase the realism u want to make the edge of the seal very thin, to do this every time u place the drill bit in to the seal GS cut away more and more until u get a seal with nice thin walls. U can also increase the amount of seals pair parchment, overlap purity seals, increase the length and size of the parchment, their are alot of variations u can acheive

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Very practical! Thank you! +rep!

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wow, this thread has been dead for 4 years, now im not a mod or anything, but shouldnt people look at the last posing dates?
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