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#1. Superglue
#2. Small water cup
#3. Plasticard
#4. Scalpel/sharp knife
#5. Sculpting tool
#6. A rounded tool - sculpting tools with rounded edges help leave a smooth surface when u need to work the GS on to an object, u can use a wet finger or anything with a small round edge

right guys, today am just goin to take u through how to create a basic loincloth, although the final result is on a space marine this technique is very versitile, with uses for every race (except nids, unless u want a guant eating it!)

right guys, mix ur green stuff 40 blue 60 green and let it cure for about 25 mins

mold it in to a rough square blob, then push it out with ur thumb and try to get an even thickness, make sure u thoroughly wet the plasticard before u do this, its very important for a later stage

Cut the sides of the GS and get a strip that is roughly a little wider then the area u want to use it for, then cut the top and the bottom off, to the size u want (about half the height of the mini)

Then cut a shallow half moon into the top, making sure u leave small strip of GS on either side, then use ur wet tilted blade (like last workshop)to slowly lift the cloth off the plasticard. If u are struggling with this, leave the GS for 10 mins longer and repeat the previous stages, ensuring u use alot of water

Use the blunt side of ur blade or tool and push 2 lines it to the bottom of the cloth, and about half way up. Make sure u spilt them into even thirds

Lift the cloth up with ur tool and gently place it on the are u want. In this pic I have lined up the right hand side strip of with the spacers between the leg and pelvis (wot do u call them? :þ). Gently I use the rounded tool to push the strip down on to the mini, goin from just above the pelvis to the end, ensuring it stays smooth and doesn’t change shape too much.

Repeat the above step on the other side. If its too wide don’t worry, just let the centre bulge forward, equally, if its not wide enough u may be able to stretch the GS across.

Then, using the flat part of ur tool, (ur blade) slowly and gently push the centre out, so its a nice smooth curve, bring it out roughly 6-8mm.

Then use the blunt side of ur knife of tool to push the centre again to bring it to a sharp point

Now remember the lines we placed earlier on? We are goin to use these now to make the folds. Start at the centre, place the back of ur knife, UNDERNEATH the middle of the cloth, then gently push down on either side, working it up almost to the central part u pulled out

Now move over to the right and place the back of ur knife, on TOP of the cloth and use ur tool to pull the edges up, so u get a nice curve goin up to the flat part at the top

Now repeat the above step on the other side. Using this technique u can continue to work on each fold to make them very deep

Final folds. Once u have finished deepening the folds use the back of ur knife and gently press from the top of the strips and to the side of the top central fold. This will increase the depth ot the central fold and make the strips more realistic.

Extra Details

Use a mechanical pencil (0.4mm) and gently push at the top of the strips. This creates wot looks like a small rivet

Leave the GS to cure overnight and then sculpt some shapes out and lay them on top of the loincloth to add army/unit specific details.

Increase the size and use them on shields or vehicles

Use the loincloth on diff areas, u can quite easily fit it in to backpacks.
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