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Tool prep

1. Plasticard
2. Green Stuff
3. Sharp Knife
4. Round thing to put your banner on
5. Sculpting tool

Banners – they come in all shapes and sizes and styles, in this workshop we are going to concentrate on a simple banner, one Fantasy style, and one 40k style.

Fantasy Banner

1). Mix some GS Blue/Yellow 60/40.
2). Leave it for about 30-35 minutes, or until it goes slightly rubbery, but you can still manipulate its shape easily.
3). Press it out into a rough rectangle shape on the plasticard, making sure it is sat on a lot of water.

4). Cut 2 parallel straight lines and remove the excess.

5). Cut the ends off, making sure they're straight and are at right angles to the other 2 edges, remove the excess.

6). Tilt your knife blade and slowly push it under the banner, and either pull it up with wet fingers, or using your knife, slowly push it up.
7). Using wet fingers to lightly rub, and a smooth part of the plasticard to slide the banner up and down, achieve a nice smooth surface to both sides
8.) When you have a smooth finish cut a triangle into one end, making sure it is central and also making sure that both ends come to a point (i.e. each end should be a triangle making sure the ends don’t stop at a straight end).

9). Using your knife cut into the other end of the banner about 5mm - this will vary, depending on the circumference of your banner pole. Then cut a straight line from each and remove the excess, you should be left with a square.

10). Lightly push your banner pole into the GS, making sure the edge of the banner pole lines up with the horizontal line that you made between the two 5mm cuts you made earlier.

11). Using your sculpting tool bring the bottom strip up over the pole and down on to the banner (if it doesn't reach you can pull it down and it will stretch without going too much out of shape). Gently push the 2 pieces of GS together. Using a wet tool lightly stroke the GS strip into the banner.

12). Repeat until you have attached your banner to its pole.

13). Now comes the folds; the GS should be so far along into the cure process that it will accept folds without being too soft to take your fingerprints, as long as you keep them wet! This mean that you can hold it up and manipulate it with your fingers. I'd advise that you make an initial fold using the rounded part of your sculpting tool, then use your fingers to make slight bends at the tips.

40k Banner

Now the difference between a 40k banner and a Fantasy banner is the size and the fact its more complex. I am going to use a slightly different method for this banner, simply to show you another way of doing things.

1). Mix some GS Blue/Yellow 60/40.
2). Leave it for about 30-35 minutes, or until it goes slightly rubbery, but you can still manipulate it's shape easily.
3). Press it out into a rough rectangle shape on the plasticard, making sure it is sat on a lot of water, then using parallel cuts, cut out a wide strip.

4). Now make two horizontal cuts into the bottom of the strip, make sure they are level.

5). Cut vertically down from the end of the 2 horizontal cuts leaving a little tab at the end.

6). At the opposite end to the tab make cuts vertically about 6mm down 3 lines, then a double space then 3 lines. Try to make sure they are the same width. Cut across the middle section horizontally and remove the central rectangle.

7). Remove the middle strips on the right and the left, these are now the strips you will use to attach the pole.

8). Using your knife, lift the tab up away from the plasticard.

9). Leave the GS to cure for around another 30 minutes, by this time the GS would have cured quite a lot. You should be able to pull the banner up off the plasticard using the little tab. Leave yourself the off cuts so u can test out how far your GS has cured; you want it so it stretches slightly, but not much.

10). Use your knife to push up the 2 corners of the banner, slowly begin to pull the banner up, It should be cured enough now so you don't leave your fingerprints in the putty. It might make it easier if you lift the small strips up as well.

11). Once you have the banner up off the plasticard, cut the tab off.

12). Now you should be able to pick it up, align it with the banner pole and push back the strips into the banner, the GS has cured enough to be handled gently but is soft enough to stick to itself, do this on all 4 strips.

13) Now to get any folds or ripples you want; just tac a drill bit in place (or anything pointy really) and just wedge it so it keeps the GS in a certain position, easy.

So just sit back and admire one of Darkmessiah’s great bits of work from about 7-8 years ago.

Extra details

Now this has been a simple tutorial, but you should have learnt a bit now to increase the detail on your banners, such as battle damage, ribbons, purity seals, proper folds (in the banner and the strips) there's potentially a lot you can do now...

GS care

now guys take a look at this pic.

You should be able to see quite a lot of bumps in it and even a yellow spot; these bits occur when the middle of the unmixed strip is left and begins to cure and it can really spoil your work, ways to fix it are:

1). Always use putty from the edge, stay away from the middle.
2). As soon as you get it cut the strip in half, separate the blue and the yellow.
3). Buy GS that comes separated in tubes.

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