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So, building a greater soul grinder of nurgle... epic scale...

I have claws left over from a heldrake conversion, they will be the legs of a soul grinder.

Now before we go further the scale may not be what you expect.

Parts used:
Claws from heldrake
Grot / gnoblar
Large monsterous creature base.
A lot of plasticard
A bunch of cork.

This will be completed in 3 phases with multiple tasks during each phase.

Phase 1
- collect parts required (done)
- take pictures of parts for forum ( )

Phase 2
- modify parts
- attach parts
- build base

Phase 3
- paint
- take finished pictures.

The first pictures will be up no later then (nlt) 4 hours from this posting.

(This space for parts images)

(This space for WIP images)

Completed images will be posted in a new post to this topic to allow notification of completion.

* note * please note work on this is to keep my creativity meme flowing to allow me to solve an issue with my heldrake conversion for april's conversion contest.
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