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Grand Master question

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I was playing a Grey Knights List and his Grand Master had the Ability that drops your Int by 1 if you are in base to base contact with him.

Since I don't play Grey Knights I don't know if they are missing any of the details on the ability.

After the game I played as I was leaving another person at the shop said that the incense ability only affects demons? or do it effect anyone in b2b contact with the Grand Master?

I had a Normal Chaos Lord(Slaanesh) in b2b contact with him, and not a demon in the fight.
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Yep... its a nasty little piece of wargear thats makes one unit the death of chaos models all over the board. I usually put it on my Grandmaster as well and attach him to a full Elites choice of GK Termies. I equip the GM w/ a Daemonhamer and his NFW and the Brother Captian with a Chain Fist and his NFW and now we have 2 models who can chew through an entire chaos squad by themselves and a whole squad of power weapons to back them up!

But yeah... again sorry.. as long as his GM was in base contact with your unit it lowers your entire squads Init by 1. If your ever unsure about a rule or piece of wargear ask to see their codex.. but do it in a nice way as if your so psyched about reading it.. "Oh wow that cool! Can I read that! Man theres so many ways I would use this.." That way they dont feel like your calling them cheats or anything.
Just remember that even with -1 init, the Slaaneshi lord should be striking at the same time as the GKGM, so chances are you can take him with you. The Blissgiver is more lethal in most cases than a force weapon (only exception being things that are immune to Instant Death) since any wound it gives inflicts instant death, rather than just having a chance of killing on just one wound.

Even if he slows your Slaaneshi lord down, that GM shouldn't live through the encounter
Yeah but on the same hand your blissgiver might cause you to do nothing. You get 6-10 attacks on the charge with Blissgiver. We can have upto 6 on the charge. You cant have 5 as that means you rolled a 1 and you do NOTHING and you cant get a bonus for additional CCW as DWs are 2 handed. So thats a 1 in 6 chance off the bat of being your own worst enemy. Next against a GM with Sacred Incense we will hit simultaneously as we will both end up being 5. You hit on 3s and we hit on 4s but you wound on 4s where we wound on 2s. You have your 5+ inv and we can have upto a 4+ Inv. If you wound we die instantly and if we wound we have about 90% chance of killing you outright. So I would say best case scenario is BOTH of us will die about 99% of the time. The chances of either of us making it out of that combat is slim to none and Slim left town. Not to mention my standard build has a Brother Captain and a squad of Termies back him up.
Im just not all that interested in DWs... I think they are a big farce now... but thats for another post.
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