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Grand Master question

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I was playing a Grey Knights List and his Grand Master had the Ability that drops your Int by 1 if you are in base to base contact with him.

Since I don't play Grey Knights I don't know if they are missing any of the details on the ability.

After the game I played as I was leaving another person at the shop said that the incense ability only affects demons? or do it effect anyone in b2b contact with the Grand Master?

I had a Normal Chaos Lord(Slaanesh) in b2b contact with him, and not a demon in the fight.
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Thanks for the Clarification. He was using it right but it always feels so wrong when your Lord goes and dies to force weapons. (atleast to me)
He did die with me. I also got another Termi that was in the squad of the GM as well. For having rolled a 6 for my demon weapon, and getting only 3 hits is also depressing.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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