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Ungents of Warding is useless, as you already have the Agesis special rule for Grey Knights that stops the majority of psychic power affecting you.

However a Psychic hood is a good buy as normally its the powers that people cast on themselves (Warptime,Fortune, Unleash rage etc) that will piss you off. Also due to fluky old rules like NFW, the Daemonhunters psychic hood can be used everytime and has unlimited range :).

As to their method of transport, most people see GKT coming towards them and shoot the crap out of them. Only deepstrike them if there is nothing nasty aiming at them (Demlosiher cannons, Plas spam, Fire prisms etc.), transporting them in the landraider is the safe option.

Most importantly of all, remeber that a GM retinue has the flukey "retinue" rule which means he is in effect the squad sergeant and cannot be picked out as an independant charector! (Like orks hiding the Power claw in a mob, you can hide a GM in his retinue)

Scared Incense is a v.good choice if you face chaos regularly :) If you have the points Icon of the Just to imporve his Inv+ may come in useful, but is very expensive for the points. Mastercrafted NFW has also come in useful if your knocking around for points, However the best upgrade is swapping one of your SB/NFW termies for TH/SS. Even though we have the old crap Storm sheild, the ThunderHammer is invaluable for Tanks/MC/Badasses (Lysander, Deciever etc.)

As to your Inq.Loadouts, I either run a Inq. with Plasma cannons and mystics (as above but minus the transport) and try to keep them as central on the board as possible so they can shoot as many deepstrikers/targets as possible, or run the Inq. with a couple of mystics in a transport near your heavy hitters( Long fangs or Vindicators work superbly) so that as soon as an enemy deepstrikes you can blitz them. To dual role him, I also give him a psychic hood for psychic defence.

Hope that was useful.....
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