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Inq Lord w Psycannon, Psychic hood
2x Mystic (no need for 3),1 Sage, 2 Gun Serv w HB and 1 Gun Serv with Plasma Cannon

This squad is all about utility. It pisses off any enemy thinking of using psychic powers because if your Lord is sitting back in cover, he probably can't kill it and the hood extends the entire board.

Few would risk deepstriking against this unit since your Mystics let you fire on them, or let anyone within 12" fire on them. That can mean their DS unit could be dead before it even hits the ground. Unless it can assault that round, theres little chance they will survive another round of shooting.

The Gun Servitors have a poor save but if you keep them in cover they should be alright. You can even add another Sage if you like to reroll the Gets Hot on the Plasma Cannon if you like.
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