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Graham McNeill's Ultramarines Series / Necron books?

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Any word of a seventh book coming out (I think "The Chapter's Due" is number 6)? Does the book seem to end in a way that there'd be a seventh? I'm on book five right now and I would like to know if I should start saving to buy Horus heresy books or just wait for a new Ultramarines book. I was planning on reading the HH books if the Ultramarines didn't have anything coming out.

Also - Are there any good Necron books out? Not necessarily based purely on Necrons, but with a decent amount of them in. "Bringer of Darkness" had Necrons for the last few chapters and the rest was how Pavonis fell into the state it's in. there were more Eldar than Necrons and the book's title reflects on a C'tan!
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Most definitely check out the Hellforged!
This is the 4th book in The Soul Drinkers series...initially after reading the Souldrinker Omnibus? I was kind of on the fence as to wether or not I liked this renegade chapter of Astartes that are also now Mutants. There was just something I didn't care to much about in the initial trilogy.
I decided to read Hellforged just to take a break from the other Warhammer 40k Novels I was reading (Gaunts Ghost "Founding" Omnibus as "The Inquision War" Omnibus too).
I have to say that I really found myself enjoying "Hellforged" a lot! Very well written!
I not only liked the wretched Mechanicum characters ;) but I also really enjoyed learning more about The Necron and the various forms they come in (much different than in previous novels I read with them in it!!).
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