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Got the Transport for Crimmas! :chuffed:

I've been mulling over this build, but it's a little expensive. Could be pretty darn hilarious to play though. Anyone care to share their experiences with this ship, or some criticisms on this load out?


Dutryfree: When performing a jam action, you may choose an enemy ship at range 1-3 (instead of at Range 1-2).

Tibanna Gas Supplies: You may discard this card to gain 3 energy.

Slicer Tools: Action: Choose 1 or more enemy ships at Range 1-3 that have a stress token. For each ship chosen, you may spend 1 energy to cause that ship to suffer 1 damage.

Frequency Jammer: When you perform a jam action, choose 1 enemy ship that does not have a stress token and is at Range 1 of the jammed ship. The chosen ship receives 1 stress token.

Automated Protocols: Once per round, after you perform an action that is not a recover or reinforce action, you may spend 1 energy to perform a free recover or reinforce action.

She totals up to 52 points. I could live without Protocols and the Gas Supplies, which would drop it down to 43 which is a bit nicer. AP just looks so nice though!!

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Still haven't used mine.....

Torynn Farr is a nifty card too :grin:
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