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well like the title says i need a 1000 point sm I'll be facing necrons, orks and tyranids sadly my codex is out of date and cant replace till saturday............

so heres what i mainly want to use because my chapters all about fast in and out attacks

captain w/ pf/sb

10 man scout team-5snipers/3bolters/1heavybolter/1boltpistol-combatknife
10 man scout team- cant say yet i dont have them

combat or tactical squad with droppod

fast attack
4 man biker team
4 man biker team
3 man scout biker team
7 man assualt squad

heavy support
preadator annihalator (spelling?)
dread with assualt cannon and cc wep with flamer

yeh some
criticism obviously welcome because this list suck! :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:
help me out guys im rubbish at this but dont take it to far please
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