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GorkaMorka (now with more Mork)

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Hello All


well old game but new to me as ive never played it

me and Grimzag were havin a squig brew and chatting when we reminisced about the old games and Grim spoke of Gorkamorka.

after more squig brew we decided we should see if anyone we knew would be interested in starting playing Gorkamorka.

Gorkamorka is an intuitive skirmish battle game fought between two or more warbands in a bid to scrape the meagre resources from the planet before your opponents does. It is set on the desert world of Gorkamorka where ork bands vie for resources and try secure their passage off of this Mork forsaken hellhole. Like Necromunda before it, Gorkamorka is a campaign based game where warbands will develop and change depending on how they perform in battle. Leaderships and loyalties will shift, weapons will be replaced and rivalries will form between warbands as each tries to become the top dog.

for more info go here
An Introduction to the different Specialist Games

so here we have a group Project log for every one To show there gorka group project.
We will each use a different Text colour so its easier to see which of us is talking for this

We Start With me and

Cappin Squig Eye's Morkin Bilge Ratz

Well every Cappin needs a ship so i started to build my own Built my own.
Started with the front used a sheild from a lord of the rings troll, a piece of a toy caravan, green stuff and sprue frame to make a frame.

once i had a shape i was happy with time to cover the gaps with plasicard. andan engine was needed so i got one from some where i cut up blackreach ork koptas for ork snow mobiles

ok so we have a boat ... but we are in a desert ... where there is no water ... hmmm ..... didnt htink this through. WE NEED WHEELS

Luckily i have plenty left over from a truck Perfect

power from the engine using spare wires

it looks leaky so lets patch the holes with some plasticard

More Gubbins Poles from a stompa, Ladder from it and Rivets everywhere.

and thats it for now i ran out of Platicard to do the top :mad:

so i will step a side and let the others post

and Remember there be Scrap in them there dunes
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sorry i was informed i might want to give more detail on what GorkaMorka is.

yes the Gork and mork are the ork gods.

here is a link to the heresy Description of what GorkaMorka is

Better Description of what GorkaMorka is about
Got An Update Here we Have Some of the Mob got Pictures and Names . OOOOOOH ITS EXCITING

First up We Have

Furst Mate Peabody

Spanner of the Group also the driver he is sporting a nice pirate hat and wrench made from greenstuff


Trukk Gunner of the Group he gets a little over excited about loud noises


One of the Boys of the Group Trusted With a shoota


Sporting his Cutless and Fancy Hat ready to pillage

Cabin Boy Salli

A Yoof at the bottom of the Pecking order But he isnt alone he has....

Cabin Boy Zogg

The Other Yoof of the group some day hoping to lose cabin boy title and maybe even get a weapon

i have 2 more orks on the go but they are missing arms so will upload them when i have arms to put on them
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Ok more updates.

this is probly one of the longest builds ive done ever.

as i didnt explain how i did the things in the previous post ill do it here.

ok so lets go over the old stuff. Steering wheel and chains were from left over trukk parts specifically for the boarding plank that the kit comes with. the wheel im unsure where its from i had 2 for some reason and i don't know what they were for.
Hatch is using hinges from some trukk armour plating a hatch from a caravan and a handle from a ork tank busta bomb.

then just plasticard to make it blend.

Mast made from 2 receipt rolls glued together. on top of a part again from a trukk sprue.crows nest made from the roof of a mini cooper and plasicard. ant the rest of the bits are made from sprue excess and girders from a stompa model.

Just a big old bit of Plasticard slightly bent for the sail.

couple ork Shoulder pads as hooks so the sail can be taken off

Thats all for now next up i will be adding Rivetts to the bits ive done. armour plates and a gun Hopefully.
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Might help prevent the driver getting brutally shot... probably won't.
like it do the fit standing in there.?

Finally done my last 2 orks

We have Schmee the last boy


and Been working on the Boat started on the sail.

but i didnt like the Sail like that so now it looks like this

Added a Harpoon Gun using a spare lascannon and a spear haed with styrine tubes.

and added a boarding ramp from a trukk. it goes up and down i got a bit of wire to hold it up

I just got to rivet the shit out of this boat now so thats next :(

Yay Gorkamorka
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Finally after much procrastination

we have decided to get a couple practise games going..... at work.... didn't need half my desk anyway.


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