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GorkaMorka (now with more Mork)

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Hello All


well old game but new to me as ive never played it

me and Grimzag were havin a squig brew and chatting when we reminisced about the old games and Grim spoke of Gorkamorka.

after more squig brew we decided we should see if anyone we knew would be interested in starting playing Gorkamorka.

Gorkamorka is an intuitive skirmish battle game fought between two or more warbands in a bid to scrape the meagre resources from the planet before your opponents does. It is set on the desert world of Gorkamorka where ork bands vie for resources and try secure their passage off of this Mork forsaken hellhole. Like Necromunda before it, Gorkamorka is a campaign based game where warbands will develop and change depending on how they perform in battle. Leaderships and loyalties will shift, weapons will be replaced and rivalries will form between warbands as each tries to become the top dog.

for more info go here
An Introduction to the different Specialist Games

so here we have a group Project log for every one To show there gorka group project.
We will each use a different Text colour so its easier to see which of us is talking for this

We Start With me and

Cappin Squig Eye's Morkin Bilge Ratz

Well every Cappin needs a ship so i started to build my own Built my own.
Started with the front used a sheild from a lord of the rings troll, a piece of a toy caravan, green stuff and sprue frame to make a frame.

once i had a shape i was happy with time to cover the gaps with plasicard. andan engine was needed so i got one from some where i cut up blackreach ork koptas for ork snow mobiles

ok so we have a boat ... but we are in a desert ... where there is no water ... hmmm ..... didnt htink this through. WE NEED WHEELS

Luckily i have plenty left over from a truck Perfect

power from the engine using spare wires

it looks leaky so lets patch the holes with some plasticard

More Gubbins Poles from a stompa, Ladder from it and Rivets everywhere.

and thats it for now i ran out of Platicard to do the top :mad:

so i will step a side and let the others post

and Remember there be Scrap in them there dunes
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Cool. Gorka and Morka are gods right? Soooooooooo Gorka and Morka vs Khorne? lol just idle curiosity
Yes and no, Gork and Mork are the ork gods and as far as i'm aware they regularly give Khorne Noogies and swirlies and lock him in dumpsters.

GorkaMorka was a game that GW released a long time ago, 96, and war set on a planet that was more or less destroyed. The whole place was a quiet world that humans had sent a couple of explorator teams to have a look at because there were weird black pyramids on the surface, Necrons were released in 1997, one day when these explorers were busy digging in the ruins a huge space hulk got knocked out of the warp and crashed into the surface of the planet. All life on the surface was obliterated or irradiated by the leaking spaceship engines. The humans were split into two, the muties who had been on the surface and the diggas who got buried underground for generations.

Then there were the crew of the Hulk. Orks. Thousands of Orks. The orks started fighting over the debris in the desert to scavange stuff to rebuild their hulk and rejoin the waaagh. Half of them decided that the New ship/teleporter/tractor beam was the representation of Gork others Mork. After a civil war in which the whle of their ramshackle city, Mektown, nearly burned to the ground they decided to settle on Gorkamorka,,,or Morkagorka.

Hundreds of years later they're still at it. Fighting in the desert to earn passage when the thing finally get working and they can rejoin the waaagh.

Basically it's like mad max the game, with orks.

Now i've decided that my messages will be typed in light yellow, cause the Mods like to keep the ded speedy red text for themselves.

I've not a lot in the way of pics yet, my trukk is still WIP with no front end. Still here are a couple of pics. I won't go into what theme i've decided for the mob but it should be a nice change from my unthemed regular Waaagh.

Well that's all from me for now, there might be a coupld of others who decide to post, otherwise we'll be documenting the whole campaign and bringing their comments to the page using the text colours.

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I tried typing before but it apparently didn't save. You should use the plane as a counts as Dragmek Blitzkart. The special character who has a deffkopta.
Time for an update for my warband.

I've managed to get two of my mob Los Muertos Chilli Verde (If my spanish translation is ok The Green Chillis of death)

These two are spanners, the spanners in my mob wear black sombreros.

First up is Spanner Gucamole, Spanner and driver for the mob's trukk, El Chupathingy.

The other one who is complete is Spanner Burrito who's responsible for the maintenance of the bike driven by another mob member that you'll meet another time. He uses a Kannon for long reaching damage.

In total I've got only 6 members to my mob but I'll try to expand fast, El Chupathingy can carry 13 bodies including the driver and gunner so with the bike as well i can more than double my mob size before needing to invest in more vehicles.
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So i managed to get the two yoofs of my army finished. Only the Nob, a booy and the vehics to do now, and i know that one of those won't be taking very long. The yoofs actually use origional Gorkamorka bodies with current heads. The heads aren't glued, just pinned so that i can remove the heads and give the yoofs bigger bodies when they level up to being a boy. When this happens i may well add more yoofs, switch out weapons and reuse these same bods. Until that time, Chalupa and Tostada are complete.

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