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Seems like a good list there, as always there is concerns for the trukks being so weak but in a list like this with 6 and a wagon, can still function as you said it did.

Ceratinly has some nice powerfull units, with tankbustas and burnas being able to quite easily take out their targets. Which depending on what your up against can be great.

Only real thoughts are what is the need for the rams on the trukks? Just so you can rush through terrain without concern? Other wise the ramming doesn't really assist the trukks, much only bring the strength up to 6 due to 12 armour on the ram.

Only other thought is the killa kans what do you use them for? Personally kans aren't particularly useful they can be decent in very specific situations but particularly the rokkit kans not helping much, if you need anti infantry grotzookas are great but apart from that get some kannons or daethkoptas for a similar roll.
Or if your still looking for vehicles rokkit buggies can work decently or even skorcha buggies.

Thats about all of my comments.
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