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[This Thread, and the accompanying Good Morning Aftermath thread are part of a propaganda war (recruitment drive) for eotaftermath.com]


This is Grand Master Azakiel, Acting Imperial Governor of Aftermath, speaking to you from a forward command post in the base of the Spire.
Brave Men and Women of Aftermath, my Brothers and Sisters, listen not to the whispers of the Dark Ones. They speak to you of an Imperial Missile strike this morning, when in fact it was they who launched this attack. They speak to you of your overlords, who they would have you believe sit in comfort, while you starve and die. They do not tell you that they are the reason for your hardships, nor that these so called 'overlords' stand with you on the field of battle.
Even now, the Forces of Disorder stand ready to attack the Spire, seeking to destroy everything you hold dear. Even now, the mighty warriors of the Adeptus Astartes stand in the many breaches of the city, fighting and dying to protect your families. Men and Women of Aftermath, would you have them fight alone? would you have the sacrifices of your friends and families, those members of the many Imperial guard regiments that have fought for you be in vain?

My warriors and I fought for the Imperium during the Heresy, and saw the damage that Chaos can do if left unchecked. I have borne witness to some of the darkest hours of Imperial History, and I have seen the Humanity pull itself back from the brink of destruction time and again. I have fought on the battlefields of Armageddon, across the planets of the Eye, and I have fought for your planet before, 4 years ago when Varlak first opened the Gate. And now I stand with you again, ready to defeat Braxton and destroy the Gate once and for all.

Brave Men and Women of Aftermath, take up your weapons, and aid your fellows in holding this world against the ravages of the Forces of Disorder. Listen not to their promises of power, for they wish you to die, and damn your soul to the Warp. Remember, it is becuase of the Dark Gods that you have seen so much hardship.

Foolish people who have given your souls to Darkness, there is still time to turn again to the Emperor's light. Simply report to the nearest guard post, and the ranking officer will grant you the Emperor's Mercy.

The Day may come when the courage of Man fails, when you give in to the whispers of Darkness, and all about you comes crashing down, but it is not this Day! This Day we Fight!
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