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Those that have attended the Golem Fundamentals Painting Course will know now how I view the miniature painting world. The Fundamentals are about keeping things simple and efficient, therefore cheap and easy.

The Golem Weathering Course takes the principles of the Golem Fundamentals and applies them to making your miniatures looking battered, grimey, rusty etc WITHOUT having to spend money on modeling gimmicks and secrets, like pigments and hairspray. In our professional studio in Manchester the only stuff we use to paint is.....well... paint.

You guys, as hobbyists, already have all you need to create awesome weathering effects, all you need now is the know how!

Join us to learn;

How to use the 3 consistencies for weathering
Develop your eye for colour choice
Realistic rust paint peel
Chipping and battle damage

On this course we will also go over some of the Golem Fundamentals course subjects that apply to weathering, so this course is great for beginners. If you have been on the Fundamentals before you will find the Weathering Course easier to grasp and be able to combine all the ideas and open up new realms of painting awesomeness!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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