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Not sure which area this would go in, so apologies if it needs moving!

I was lucky enough to get to one of Golem Studio's painting events at the weekend, what with it being just at the other end of the M62, and I have to say, it was superb.

Despite considering myself a decent painted, Tommie from Golem stunned me with some interesting techniques, and the ease of how he did them. Covering bits like NMM in half an hour simplified it something wicked, making me wish I hadn't already done the sanguinor as it'd look a lot better now.

It wasn't in any way an advanced painting sesh, and they had people at all levels working on different things, so if you're happy with putting together a marine and painting him, then you can crack on and get great advice and hints and tips on where to go and what to do to improve the mini.

If anyone fancies having a crack I'd head here: http://www.golempaintingstudio.co.uk/

And check the events. Highly recommended from me! So much so I'm going back again next month! :biggrin:
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