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I pondered for a while as to which forum to post this. It doesn't really belong in Rumours. It doesn't really belong in the 30k section since it's not about rules. So I put it here. Of course, if the mods feel there is a better place for this thread, they'll move it.

Anyway, with Corax soon to be released it got me thinking about the remaining Primarchs and what they might look like and what poses I'd like to see them modelled in.
Then I thought about Magnus. By the Emperor, whoever has to model Magnus is doomed to failure. Magnus is a giant red monster with giant nipple spikes coming out of his armour. Huge red hair and one eye.
There is no way anyone can make this look anything other than total shit. The problem wont be with the modeller, but with the difficulty of making such a visually absurd Primarch work.

Although if they can at least make it look like he is calmly levitating and surveying the battlefield with a stance of calm, controlled power, the modeller will be half way there.
Perhaps a pose similar to this...but better.

Anyway, I suspect that he is a long way off yet.

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And kabuki weren't entirely successful either.
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