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Gobo Army

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Hey guys/gals,

I picked up 2 battle for skull pass before they stopped selling them. Working on my dwarf army painting wise and almost complete with it. My next project is working on the gobos from BfSP. My question in 8th ed can an all gobo army be competive? What units should i pick up to make it that way? Should I do a nice 50/50 mix of magic and combat heroes or more of a 75/25 magic spread or vice versa. Which units should i make sort of my anvil unit? Night gobos big 7-8 ranks for steadfast? then regualr gobos for horde? What about spider riders vs wolf riders?

Tons of questions that you more experinced O&G can answer with some 8th ed games in your belts.

Thanks for the read and the help

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The key to a Gobbo army is weird units, squig hoppers, spider riders, fanatics, netters, giants, trolls, any units of Gobbos need to be big. The problem with magic heavy is that you only have six spells to choose from. My night gobbo army has three lords the combat heros are better. I have one lvl 4 and a lvl 2 shaman that gets me all the gobbo spells. One of my warlords has the wizard hat to give me a lvl 2 wizard that can choose from the 8 lores, thats about the max you can get on magic, then i have one BSB.

Finally if your not afraid your army is going to screw you over when a unit goes crazy then you dont have a good Gobbo army.

Doomdivers are best way to go for artillery
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