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nice boy, daft though !
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Glad you guys like it!

Here's the paint scheme:
Boots – khemri brown
Skirt – Model Color 70886 green grey
Body – red gore
Hood – rotting flesh with a little ogryn flesh wash
Arms – Model Color 70903 intermediate blue (should be called grey really)
Skin – green camo with thraka green wash
Eyes - yellow, then yellow ink, then gryphonne sepia
Lips - Model Color 70810 Royal Purple, then drybrush a lighter shade (add white), then use Model Color 70735 Magenta Fluo to streak some lines on top.
Doll – bleach bone with a little gryphonne wash and a bit of ogryn flesh along the creases
Blade handle – leather brown, drybrush iyanden darksun, washed over with chestnut ink
Blade - P3 Radiant Platinum. Drybrushed some brown and black on top. Then black symbols with fine line white on top. Then yellow, then Macharius solar orange and drybrush along the edges.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts