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Technology and oppression are likely saving the day. "Backwards" as the Imperium is, their technology is still much better then ours and they can survive the damage. As mentioned before, they can probably also "repair" it as much as ecosystems can tolerate brute-force adjustment.

Also, the Imperium almost certainly doesn't care how people suffer from enviromental issues from over-industrialization. Unless of course this serves as an excuse for them to slack off from production and requires the Guard/Marines/Inquistion to get them back into line. So the people on these worlds have no choice BUT to survive and desperation can work wonders. And don't forgot, some of the worst planets in the Imperium are prime recruiting grounds for the Imperial Guard. Armageddon and Krieg come to mind as "man screwed up the enviroment" death traps that produce weapons and soldiers in the millions/billions. So, toxic and disasterous hellholes benefit the Imperium more then they should.
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