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I'm a big fan of small elite armies and I want to hndle all the psychic deathstars out there as well. I'm working on finishing my Draigo FW model and my DK ... already have my bikes and big K


Grey Knights Primary 1150

Lord Kaldor Draigo 275
3x Soladin, Thunderhammer 165
2x Stormraven, Psybolt 450
Dreadknight, Heavy Incinerator, Nemesis Greatsword, Teleporter 260

Iron Hands Detachment 445

Chapter Master, Bike, Artificier Armour, Shield Eternal, Powerfist 245
5 Bike Squad, 2 Grav Guns, Combi-Grav, Attack Bike, Multi-melta 200

Legion of the Damned 155

5 Legion of the Damned, Melta Gun, Multi-melta, Combi-melta 155


I'm thinking a potential 6 scoring troops on average ... 3 soladins, DK, LotD and bikes. So I can sacrifice a soladin easily to Karamazov when needed. The list features rock hard units but anything can be killed of course. I have only 16 models on the table, lol. I've played Monster Mash type lists before with EW HQs and MCs and tough flyers. So I know how to run it.

Draigo is still good. Psychic Communion and making Soladin troops and a DK a troop cannot be bad. How is he not a CC beast, though? So he's only AP3. He's also very high Str, very high number of attacks, and a Force Weapon to boot...if he gets one wound through, there aren't many characters that can stand up to that. There are ICs that pen his 2+ (with axes, fists, etc) but he's still got EW, 3++, and a mess of wounds himself. And he's like T5, right? The guy is still a beast, make no mistake. And we just need to use him differently now.

Well Karamazov has been on my shelf for awhile. I will not pretend that he is highly competive but he can start on the table with a Soladin and Draigo. He really is a fun factor. It is nice to have two Orbital Strikes in a list and being relentless with a TL multi-melta and able to target a friendly model without scatter and immune to pinning morale checks to nearby units - all nice to have.

Single DKs are also a risk ... I've fitted mine out to be pretty vicious but he can be killed in a round of fire. I'm hoping that with enough threats that are tough and dangerous he will not be the first target. Dreadknights rip Wraithknights and Riptides into tiny pieces.

The Inquisitor is to stop any shenanigans with infiltration, drop pods etc. As well it can wound anything with the needle pistol and the plasma syphon is quite useful. I will attach him to a Soladin with Draigo.

The Raven is my anti-psyker primo unit although it has no problem taking down skimmers, infantry et all.

Legion of the Damned was a suggestion made by Vasara and it does fit in nicely with th rest of the list - more inv, saves and more dakka. I can drop behind the lines to take out Wave Serpent etc. But best of all is that they might be scoring. Legion is the only army that GK has as battle brothers - nice.

I won't say more about the bike squad. We have gone over that before and we know how strong it is.

Any thoughts ...
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