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GK/BA Competitive Attempt

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It's been a long time since I've thought about competitive play outside of our group. This is my first attempt to bring the cheese outside of my normal comfort zone and will have to face things like other bike armies or Knights. So here's the list. Eat it alive please.

Blood Angels CAD
175 Mephiston (Sanguinary)

55 5x Scouts (Bolters)
125 5x Tac (Combi-Melta, Melta, DP)

35 Drop Pod
35 Drop Pod

70 ADL (Comms)


Nemesis Strike Force
140 Librarian (ML3, DH)

207 5x Terminator (DH, 3x Falchion, Psycannon)

304 10x Purifier (2x DH, 6x Falchion, 2x Incinerator)
304 10x Purifier (2x DH, 6x Falchion, 2x Incinerator)

200 Dreadknight (Teleporter, DH, Psycannon)
200 Dreadknight (Teleporter, DH, Psycannon)



Of course I'm going with that super cheesy purifiers in drop pods that DO benefit from Rites and combat squad them giving me D6 + 17 psychic dice. I'm a little worried about the lack of flyer defense aside from Cleansing Flame, which isn't a great flyer defense, but it's better than nothing I guess. I'm also a little torn about which discipline to take on my GK Libbie. Any help is appreciated. And I always enjoy constructive criticisms.
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Agree. That is a much better idea. SWs are my first love too. I think I've just been spending too much time with the BA dex recently and it's clouding my judgment.

The only downside is that I can only take one codex specific detachment, one formation (no apoc), one CAD and one Allied, but only two factions total and each of those must be different. I'm trying to build it as if I was taking it to March Madness in arkansas, the LVO, or Nova. All of which are likely out of my league.
Either way I'm thinking this list is pretty garbage though. I'll probably end up using White Scars bikes that have been done to death or a 5th editionesque Iron Hands army. Both are very forgiving, balanced and easy to run. They just don't pack the WOW factor of things like lictorspam or imperial knights. I do like the idea of WGBLs running with my GK.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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