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Gitkicker's Boyz WARNING: Pic 'Eavy

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I'm taking a break from my Raptors, and painting some Orks. It originally started with 2 War bosses I painted. I decided to make them twins, and built an army around them. Each model is painted different, and is converted slightly to personalize it.

Warboss: Nobfang Gitkicker

Warboss: Durfang Gitkicker

Durfang's Face Eating Squig, Skulpta that I'm using as a "counts as" Attack Squig. He was built with misc Chaos bits.

Big Mek: Big Dick Dastardly with KFF

Later I'll post Nobz and Deffkoptas.

EDIT: Here's some Deffkoptas

Deffkopta: Fool Fighta

Deffkopta: Cap'n Stabbin

Deffkopta: Whirly Bird

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Yea, I see that now. lol I melted the pieces to fit, but I guess I left the pin in his arm a little too long. xD Thanks, I probably would not have noticed it. Gonna fix it now good an proppa.

EDIT: I'm so happy with how these Nobz turned out. It's a shame that my pics don't display my shading properly.

Bad Moon



Blood Axe

Death Skull


Evil Sun


Blood Axe

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Finished a unit of 20 Shoota Boyz and a unit of 20 Slugga Choppa Boyz. Pictures incoming later today if anyone cares. lol

I have a unit of 20 Slugga Choppa Boyz, another unit of 12 Slugga Choppa Boyz, a Trukk, a Battlewagon, 3 Killa Kanz, a unit of 10 Lootas, another unit of 10 Lootas, a unit of 10 Burna Boyz, and 5 Kommandos left to paint. I also need to buy or convert everything on that list except the Slugga Choppa Boyz and the Trukk. Fuck me sideways with the Emperor's walking stick.

I'm also posting my army list on the 40k Ork list thread for review.

Painted the last couple models that I entered into the Conversion Deathmatch and made an Ammo Runt for Nobfang.



Ammo Runt

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I've begun painting my conversion for the January Conversion Deathmatch, as well as some Killa Kans. I'm going to post WIP pics throughout the whole process. Here are some before pics.

Deff Dread


STEP 1: The first thing I did was paint everything Scab Red.

STEP 2: Then I drybrushed with Chainmail.

STEP 3: When this was dry I washed generously with Gryphonne Sepia.

STEP 4: Covered EVERYTHING in hairspray. No pics, sorry. I forgot to take them. DOH!

STEP 5: Airbrushed all the pieces with Iyanden Darksun. (If you are treating this as a tutorial, you can use any thick colour. I like yellow.)

STEP 6: Airbrushed Highlights with Bad Moon Yellow.

STEP 7: I applied water to the areas where I wanted the scratches to be. This penetrated the outer layer of paint to the hairspray, and cause it to flake off. I used my fingers and toothpicks to scratch the models. It flaked off easier than I expected, and I'm kind of worried that I may have put too many scratches. We'll have to see if it looks better once they are done.

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