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Gitkicker's Boyz WARNING: Pic 'Eavy

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I'm taking a break from my Raptors, and painting some Orks. It originally started with 2 War bosses I painted. I decided to make them twins, and built an army around them. Each model is painted different, and is converted slightly to personalize it.

Warboss: Nobfang Gitkicker

Warboss: Durfang Gitkicker

Durfang's Face Eating Squig, Skulpta that I'm using as a "counts as" Attack Squig. He was built with misc Chaos bits.

Big Mek: Big Dick Dastardly with KFF

Later I'll post Nobz and Deffkoptas.

EDIT: Here's some Deffkoptas

Deffkopta: Fool Fighta

Deffkopta: Cap'n Stabbin

Deffkopta: Whirly Bird

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hey these are good only thing i would say is Durfang Gitkickers choppa arm could do with some Green stuff at the top to fill the gap.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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