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The Ghost Angels are my own Space Marine Chapter and ill be put up pics of the 2nd Company soon

The Ghost Angels Chapter are all that is left of the Desert Swords Space Marne Legion, who were exiled from the imperium of man by The Emporor for failing to release from the religous beliefs that their Primach after joining the Imperium. Anubis wouldn't repent his ways and when his farther came to 'sort' it out he refused to fight as well. This act of non-agresion saved the legion from distruction but ment they where banished to the Perseus Arm of the Galaxy, they landed on a planet far in to this region of space and called it Carnajah, a desert planet it suited them well. Here they remained away from the events of the galaxy until Jar Malick a chaplin of the Word Bearers arrived to try and bring the Desert Swords to Horus cause, they refused.

Anubis struck down the Dark Aposlte himself but in doing so started a battle that lasted near 3 months, bloodied and in realisation of the afront he had caused his father. Anubis ordered what was left of his legion, about 200 marines, back to Terra to atone for his mistake and stand with his farther agaist Horus. After returning to his farther Anubis was sent out to find his other lost brother returning not only in failure but to find his farther mortialy injured and Guilliman possing the Codex Astartes to his remaining brothers. The Desert Swords acepted the Codex Astartes with no questions but Anubis renamed them the Ghost Angels.

Not long after Anubis was killed whille stopping a Ork Waaagh! After this the chapter became morbid and obsesed with the rites of death. Their head Chaplin was given the title Marshal of the Dead, swaping the usual Crozius Arcanum for a sythe and taking the look of the grim reaper. The Marshal also carries the book of the dead, which contains the names of all who have escaped the Chapter since the Word Bearers attack on them. it is the 2nd compaines job to hunt down these lifeforms and kill then crossing of the names with the subjects own blood.After this squads given battle honours would be give a black surcoat with the embelm of the crusade it was won on and the date of the battle.

During The 13th Black Curasade the 6th company went rogue, wiped out the 8th and 9th companies and disappered in to the warp little is known why although it is believed that Captian Luthor Kalick became corrupted during an intregation with choas renagades on Telis IX not long before hand.

Combat Doctrine
The Ghost Angels combat style depends upon the company you are facing, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 7th companies have adapted to a balance between long range and close combat, the 3rd and 5th favour sword combat somthing that has not changed from the pre-heresy times

Main Colour Scheme
All the Companies bar the 1st ware black power armour, the 1st ware bone coloured. The Chapter icon is a white wing on a grey background, the edging of the pendron is in white. The left sholder pad contains the squad icon, squad number, and squad colour as a background (Red for Tactical, Green for Assult, And Blue For Heavy Support). The edging is the company colour.
Veterans have white gauntlets

Company Colours
1ST Black
2ND Gold
3RD Purple
4TH Orange
5TH Aqua
7TH Silver

Marines of Note
Anubis Sigfried, Chapter Master

Captain Mandos Namo, 1st Company Comander

Captain Beliskner, 2nd Company Comander

Chaplin Khenti-Amentiu, The Marshal of the Dead

Captain Bellerophon, 3rd Company Comander

Marius Pushan, Chaplin Dreadnought and first Marshal of the Dead.

Thanks for reading i know theres alot there but ive been working on these guys for along time and as i said in my introduction have nearly finished the second company which has been along time coming, a person can paint only so much black before :wacko: and :hang1:
Hope you guys like it

Edit: i should probably have put that all chapter masters take the name Anubis in front of there own first name
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