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Upon receiving and reading my copy of the Waaagh Ghazghkull I found that there were quite a few sneaky updates to the new copy of the supplement, I didn’t get either the Red Waaagh or other supplements so cannot comment on that side of things but will try for the rest of the book, the review will be going chronically though the book so skip to the formation changes if you wish.

First change for my copy is the original was a hard cover book, the new is softcover therefore there is a difference in page count with the internal slip between the cover and start of the text, this also alters the art shown on this slip cover by basically trimming it to fit a single page. The artwork in both cases is the old artwork used in concert with the apocalypse books primarily the original.
Another change in regard to the hard cover change, is the artwork of ghazghkull is trimmed in the original book most of the exterior of the image is gone so basically the gun barrel and the top blade of the klaw, in the new no cropped version it shows the entire of the lower blade and most of the top along with the gun barrel itself. Not really any difference but something I noticed when first comparing the books.

The next change is in the contents and introduction section the new book has a more condensed contents page with a piece of art which is basically Mad dok grotsnik it’s the piece on page 7, next is the fact that the introduction section is actually removed as far as I can tell I in the updated version of the book. The introduction is change to a photograph of an ork army lead by ghazghkull.
The next change is at page 34 where the section of timeline fluff in regards to the Second and Third Armageddon wars titled “Tracking of the Great Waaagh”, this section is removed and replaced with a two page spread of “Badrukks Boyz” and insert of “Tracking of the great Waaagh but instead text based format it is more of a graphical format this takes up another few pages thus increasing amount of pages so far.

Then comes the rules

In the new book due to increased fluff space the rules start on the 52nd page instead of the 48th page.

First change that is noticed is the change for the header the actual text changes but not in any real noticeable fashion, basically changing how the words are stated and adding the note for the tactical objectives changes and Alter of war missions.

The next and more important change is that the rules for “Orkimedes Kustom Gubbinz” have changed in the previous book they said:

“Any units from a detachment or formation presented in this book that can select gifts of gork and mork cannot select from those listed in codex orks, but instead select from Orkimedes Kustom Gubbinz, presented opposite, at the points costs shown. “ –Waaagh Ghazghkull First Edition
And in the new book it states:

“Any units from a detachment or formation presented in this book in this book that can select gifts of gork and mork can select an item for orkimedes kustom gubbinz, presented opposite, in addition to the gifts of gork and mork from codex orks” –Waaagh Ghazghkull Second Edition

So quite a change in this regard allowing units to obtain both sets of relics, which until I started looking at the Decurion presented later in this book was it a concern due to my personal preference for the Lukky stick on a Mega armoured Warboss.

Apart from this wording there doesn’t appear to be any difference in regard to the function of the relics themselves.

The next change is one of the more important ones in this book the removal of the Great Waaagh detatchment (Large horde formation and possibilities for deep striking orks) and the information in regards to reading of the datasheets provided later. The replacement is the Decurion formation or mega formation made up of other formations and datasheets that many are familiar with in regards to necron, blood angel and spacewolves ones that are some of the more popular Decurion style formations.

After the Decurion it then go into the foration data sheets themselves these are assorted due to the inclusion of quite a variety of other formations, therefore I will go off the new book and compare to the formations presented in the old book for differences:

Council Of Waaagh: Wording on the ability for multiple warlord traits, Basic formatting changes

Ghazghkull’s Bully Boys: Basic formatting changes

Da Vukcha Squad: Basic formatting changes

Blitz Brigde: NEW RULE “Crush ‘em: any vehicle rammed by a unit from this formation suffers a strength 10 hit- do not calculate strength of the ramming hit as you normally would”, Basic formatting changes

Dread Mob: Basic formatting changes

Boss Snikrot’s Red Skull Kommandos: Basic formatting changes

Kaptin Badrukks flash Gitz: New to this book, unsure of changes

Waaagh! Band: Taken from the Ork Codex, Basic formatting changes Note this formation unless taken as part of the core section of the Decurion formation still has the must roll 10 or more on 2D6 for the hammer of Wrath.

Gorkanut Krushin’ Krew: New to this book, unsure of changes

Goff Killmob: New to this book, unsure of changes

Blitza Bommer Skwadron: New to this book

Burna-Bommer Skwadron: New to this book

Dakkajet Skwadron: New to this book

Air Armada: New to this book

Note the “Green Tide” Formation has been removed from the book

Also some of the formations presented in the Storm claw Campaign supplement are not included in the collection of formations/data (Basically formations due to alternative specified wargear for the squads) sheets namely: “Grukk Face-Rippa”, “Skrak’s Skull-Nobz”, “RustGob’s Runts”, “Krumpa Killa Kanz” and “Grukk’s Rippin’ Krew”.

After the formations the book goes into the Missions “Altar of war missions”, the original book had a page titled “Missions” on page 62. The new book has a page titled Altar of war Waaagh Ghazghkull which apart from being located on the alternate side of the pages appears to have all the same details.

The first mission Might makes Right appears to be unchanged save for some reshuffling and changing of art assets. The second mission Waaagh! is a direct copy, paste with identical art and text as it mission three A Kunnin’ plan.

After that the New book goes to an alternate set of tactical objectives, where as the original Waaagh Ghazghkull book went into a collection of “Echos of war missionswhich included: “Uniting the clans”, “The second war for Armageddon – The Fall of hive Volvanus”, “War on Piscina 4”, “The Third war for Armageddon – The battle of Ghattana bay” and “The Green Beast and the Leviathans”

Hopefully my ramblings haven’t overtaken this little review of the changes to the Ghazghkull supplement for codex orks, really the changes are almost nil but the requirements to use the new supplements mainly the new Decurion for the ork faction. Any thoughts? Got the book in hand now so can answer questions if need until other get their copies.

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Most meaning full is most certainly the decurion, the options for some more powerful ork lists, but due to the limiting of the main choices (either lots of boys or dread mob). The aircraft formations are interesting they were one that I'm also interested in, but they arn't that amazing due to the units required.

Most exciting is the decurion as well. But keen for any changes to the orks to hopefully to bring them up to a slightly stronger teir.

Thanks took me a little bit to write up. Hopefully was as detailed as needed.

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The unfortunate thing is that the lists are only reasonable after 2000 points.
The Decurion formations have tried to retain a certain fluffiness, but only for the Goff faction, and even in that, they are very rigid.
The Waaagh band, for example, forces you to take 6 mobs of boys. That's a lot, and you'd either armour them up and bung them in trukks, making them expensive, or footslog them. You're also forced to take a unit of Nobs, who are ridiculously overcosted.
The only way to get Ghazkhull, and therefore fearless for your army is in the Waaagh council, which us about 600 points for yet more Nobs.
So any tournament standard game of around 1850 points is unlikely to see this Decurion. It's really only for apocalypse, or huge scale games. Admittedly at that scale, this becomes pretty terrifying, Ghazkhull has a 2++ and the whole army Waaaghs first turn, every turn, and is fearless, but for smaller games the forced choices are far too costly and make you take too many poor unit choices.

I am not a fan, at all.

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Your not wrong with a base points of 849 and 524. The decurion doesnt have amazing options at lower points values, im currently trying to ballence it into my 1750 5 battlewagon list : http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=202754 and the options are almost non-existent in what I'm trying to run but the bonuses to waaagh and hammer of wrath to almost everything is too tasty to over look the possibilities.

As to the waaagh-band I'm not too against the idea of swapping the nobs for mega nobs but thats my preference anyway. Though the 6 squads of boys is a pill to swallow, even in the battlewagon lists there isn't enough space and would prefer something more like my other lists a pair of looted wagons.

And yes ghazghull is impossible to squeeze in to anything apart from specific lists, which makes the difficult character even more so, and then he's still a lord of war with points to give away.

Though in the long run, options are good. Options give opportunity for changes to the standard list. And maybe gives possibilities for even running some form of dreadmob.
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