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My gf sweetly got me a box of the GF/battlefield in a box asteroids (these ones) at Christmas to use with X-Wing. However it is a bit tricky rules wise as you kinda need to use the cardboard asteroid tokens that come with the game so you can overlap them with SHips. Also the GF9 asteroids are really great looking but quite big versus the ingame ones.

Anyway i read around and saw people suggest drilling them and whacking them on flight stands, so i bought some knockoff small flyer stands on ebay and mounted them up. I actually used the larger stands that came with the asteroids (for the small floating ones) for the larger drilled asteroids as they were a bit more stable, and use the ebay ones for all the smaller rocks. I think they work really well.

And an ingame shot.

In this game they were not actually so vital to gameplay as we piloted around them but they hugely added to the atmosphere. Well worth it.
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