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So I haven't been on Heresy online for three years and was done with GW games. But last week somebody turned up some beautifully painted WoC models that a friend had left me in his will, and that had disappeared for the last four years. So I am trying to figure out what sort of reasonable list I can make out of it. I have:

Archaon on foot
Chaos Lord on demonic Mount
Exalted Hero on foot
Nurgle Sorcerer

20 Khorne Warriors with full command (red paint job) and two hand weapons
25 warriors with full command and shields
20 warriors with full command and shields
15 warriors with full command and shields
20 marauders with full command and shields

10 chaos knights, magnetized for lances or ensorcelled weapons and full command (could run two units of 5 with full command)
10 chosen with halberds and full command

I can pick up a few things, but would prefer to use as much of my friends painted models as possible. Is it still reasonable to rely on a footslogging horde of warriors? I haven't played them since bore the current book came out, so I am a little out of date.

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Warriors are still great troops. The real downsides are their lack of speed and the likelihood your opponents army will have more units, so can pick battles.

To avoid this I suggest adding Warhounds, so you have cheap disposable drops for deployment, charge redirecting, and a way to tie up a missile line for a while to allow the Warriors to trudge forward.

I don't find the additional attack from a unit champion worth the points, so would only take them in units where you want to have a character.

Shield marauders are not the best load-out, so I would go for all warriors if you want a more competitive build.
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