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Generating powers... Something i have been doing wrong...

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Having played 6th edition for a while (probably just over a year) and now on to 7th, something I didn't realise just found me...

When you generate your psy powers you of course roll for them and you can substitute 1 for a primus... I knew this.

HOWEVER what I didn't realise is that you have to generate the powers 1 at a time, and on rolling that power you decide at that point if you want to substitute it. Then roll your next and so on, of course if you roll the same power again you are stuck with it.

Wonder how many other people were like me and just ended up rolling 3 dice for a ML3 psyker and discarding the worse one of the bunch.
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That is correct, one at a time. 7th did bring one oddity though related to psychic focus.

It is illegal to of picked the primaris and to have psychic focus. So you get the following situation:

A ML2 psyker rolls scrier's gaze on the first roll and swaps it for the primaris (prescience). The psyker now CANNOT roll again on divination as this would give him psychic focus and as a result, cause an illegal state because the primaris was swapped for. Which is explicitly disallowed.

So, rolling one at a time is even more important than before. The impact is, if you are going for a specific power, do NOT swap for the primaris, even if you plan on bailing from the tree after you roll it. By swapping for the primaris you remove your last role as a chance to get the power you want. Which, we all know is invisibility :).
You certainly do not have to pick all your disciplines beforehand.

"Generating psychic powers", paragraph 3 spells out the order in which you generate a single power:

1) Select a tree.
2) Roll a d6, consult the chart. You now have this power.
3) You may now swap this power for the primaris.

Then, in paragraph 4, you are told the repeat this process for each power you generate. This includes picking a psychic tree each time.

To your other point, yes, you can continue to roll on a tree after picking the primaris. However this will cause an illegal state if psychic focus is obtained with that roll. It's a bit confusing that the "can not swap for the primaris" restriction is applied retroactively after you have obtained psychic focus. It's a terrible rule but it's there.
Yeah @mayegelt, I'm pretty sure my gaming group is going to house rule it as such.

I despise random power generation as well. At least in 6th you could limit what you could roll by being a level 1 psyker and therefore not able to roll warp charge 2 powers. Now with this restriction gone in 7th, you are fully at the mercy of the d6.

Even worse is they piled more uncertainty onto psychic powers with the new way to generate charge. Previously I had 2 ML 1 psykers in my guard list with a 87% chance to cast prescience each. Now it's all but impossible to cast it with both. Instead I'm left with ~55% to cast prescience with a single psyker vs an opponent with none of his own. If I'm facing even a single ML 3 psyker that chance goes down to ~35% (probably a little higher as my math was a bit rough). Also the chance to perils is greatly increased. I'd rather my inquisitor warlord didn't take needless wounds. So yeah, no thanks. I like reliability in my lists. That's why I play armies with tons of redundency, dice and re-rolls.

I've pretty much abandoned psychic powers for orders, priests and the liber heresius. Long live undeniable buffs on Ld check!
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