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Hi! I'm Katie - Jeff's (Elchimpster) wife.

How did I find you? My husband, Elchimpster.
My location? Mount Horeb, WI USA
Why did I choose this handle? It seemed fitting. What with me being a geek and a chick
How long have I been playing Games Workshop Systems and Wargames in general? About 3 years, I guess.

So be gentle, I'm still pretty new. 8)
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Welcome to Heresy, as Hephesto has said, your reputation preceeds you!


LOL! The question no-one else dared to ask!

Nice one Wraith, you are smooth, 8) . I have to admit I'm agog for an answer to that.

There isn't an 'agog' emoticon, so you'll have to settle for :shock:

Oh, perhaps I'm being misunderstood here, I'm not agog because GeekChic is female, being as I've been happily not married to the same person for 11 years and have 2 kids; I'm agog to know how how to get one's girlfriend into gaming, as my partner puts up with the 'toy soldiers' but completely glazes over every time I try to engage her interest. :roll: (this is her when I try)

It would be nice though to find a way she might become interested... 'Death and Destruction... a hobby for all the family!'

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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