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Hi! I'm Katie - Jeff's (Elchimpster) wife.

How did I find you? My husband, Elchimpster.
My location? Mount Horeb, WI USA
Why did I choose this handle? It seemed fitting. What with me being a geek and a chick
How long have I been playing Games Workshop Systems and Wargames in general? About 3 years, I guess.

So be gentle, I'm still pretty new. 8)
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Welcome to Ho GC. Tell me, is there a secret I should learn so that I can get MY wife into gaming and painting?? :mrgreen:
I love it when one of the few female gamers here in my town shows up on club days lol. Guys that are normally calm and collected suddenly fall all over themselves and make fools of themselves just because a girl is there. I dunno, while I find the idea of a gamer girl awesome as hell, I don't feel the need to make an ass of myself trying to prove my manliness in front of them either. Of course that is hard to do when playing with little men for the most part but I am quite certain that being happily married (gasp, shock) has quite a bit to do with it as well. :wink:
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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