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Gearing up your commander

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Just curious how most people gear up their commanders in either a SM or CSM army?
I prefer CC types.
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I think I'm going to tool up my characters initially. For now it will be becuase we will likely only fight small skirmish battles of like 500 points since we have limited time and space.

For Chaos I see 2 possibilities:
Chaos Lord
Mark of Nurgle
Plague Sword
Plasma Pistol
Daemonic Strength
Daemonic Visage
Nurgle's Rot
Blight Grenades
Hmmm....I know there was more but I forget what else off the top of my head.

For my marine Master I plan on using Jump Pack, Term Honors, L Claw x2, and Iron Halo IIRC, plus frag and krak.

Mostly HtH guys.

Now Im looking at what if I go with a non Nurgle Chaos Lord. Khorne has some possibilites and I definitely want to get a hold of a Chaos Term lord.
I only wish I had my converted model for my nurgle lord with me.
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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