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Gearing up your commander

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Just curious how most people gear up their commanders in either a SM or CSM army?
I prefer CC types.
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Chaos: Lash of Submission, Mark of Slaanesh, wings, sometimes melta bombs when I have the points, runs around with my raptors.

SM: Epistolary, Iron Halo, Adamantine Mantle, Bolt Pistol, Fury of the Anceints, and Veil of Time (195 total).
In 1500 or lower games I lose the adamantine mantle. Terminator armor is nice but it seems like my commander rarely gets their armor save anyhow, and a rerolled 3+/4++ is pretty sexy on its own. I also have him rolling around in a rhino with the command squad, so power armor is a necessary. FotA is a great ranged power to use til he gets close (out of the top of the rhino even when it moves 12" and pops smoke :biggrin:) and veil is really nice in CC.
As with all units, it's best to keep commanders as slim as possible while still enabling them to do what they're supposed to. I don't usually run terminator honors on my libby even though I use him for countercharging simply because I can spend the points elsewhere more effectively (in this case, it puts a lascannon in my tac squad).

On the other hand, an attack squig costs the same number of points and does the same thing but my warboss always has one because he's driving towards melee every round on his warbike and rather than an extra (rerollable) strength 4 power attack for my libby, it gives him an extra strength 10 power attack. With 7 attacks on the charge a warboss on a bike can even down monoliths and other skimmers.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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