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Gearing up your commander

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Just curious how most people gear up their commanders in either a SM or CSM army?
I prefer CC types.
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i use:
daemon prince (200 points)
mark of tzeentch
bolt of change

i'd like to try a chaos lord with the shooty aproach, which isn't really possible for most commanders due to lack of useful shooting weapons. he would kind of look like this:

chaos lord (160 points)
mark of tzeentch
terminator armour
daemon weapon

so this guy is quite capable of shooting around 2 meqs per round and still has some cc punch should the enemy reach your lines. he might get a glutton for punishment by hurting himself by throwing ones in shooting and close combat but he still got his 4+ inv save so that won't be that much of a problem i think. i plan to use this as secondary hq to support the gun line and fend of assaulters, while the daemon prince wreacks havoc at the front line
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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