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Garro: Vow of Faith

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Garro is BACK!


Wait a minute... "limited edition novella."


F*** you Black Library. I feel better and better about my choice to never again give Black Library another penny with each and every release they make.

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I have had mixed emotions with the limited editions to be honest.

Some have been fully worth the coin and effort to acquire, while others have left the question of 'was this even proofed for cannon constancy/quality of writing at All?' burning hard in the back of my mind when I put them back on the shelf.

To me, a limited edition should be as close to flawless in form as possible, but not something that should be required for enjoyment of the overall world. For example- we don't need to know that a loyal primarch has a special stash of wine from original terran genestock that was gifted to him by another who turned enemy but cannot bear to destroy it even though it draws up painful memories, but it is a tasty tidbit of knowledge that would make those that know about it smile in later published HH books when said primarch lingers in the quarters over an unmarked bottle of wine.

They are a special glimpse into characters/lore/events that are like the whipped cream on top of the pie - not required but at the same time they make everything taste just that much better if you do have it.

Will I end up getting this new Garro one? More than likely yes, if for anything else to simply continue my collection.

The one true wish I have about the limited editions is that I wish they came with an ebook copy so that I could enjoy the content without risking the physical books themselves.
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Worth it. Enjoyed it enough to nearly miss a flight connection.
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