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Games Workshop Monopoly?

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I was thinking about the pricing of Games Workshop mini's and was trying to figure out why it was so high.

Is this because GW has virtual monopoly with WH and WH40k?

Or is there another reason for this? :unsure:
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yes its those little black and red shops they provide for people to play the games in

Actually GFP GW have been investigated and had action taken by the monopolies commission before today, this is one of the reason the company has several sub companies, though this was way back in the 90s.
They are certainly the dominant force in the market and rightly so in my opinion, they have literally carved this hobby out from nothing and none of there competition is anywere near them in sales or product. Granted they are not perfect and they could be quicker and better but all in all i prefer them to anything else on the market.

While on one hand, I would like less expensive minis. I wouldn't want GW stores to close. :(
there is a retail argument that you could actually have both, but ultimately you will only ever spend what you can afford or only what you need to on luxury items such as minis.

If you building a marine army and you have decided you need 5 terminators and have £30 to spend you not likely to buy two sets for £40 if they were £20 each instead of £27.50 ....but if you were buying food and the same scenario presented itself you might spend the extra £10 for the £40 total to save yourself £15 on something you can store and eat.

I think the closest threat is PP and even they are a few years, if not a decade, off being big enough to really start getting at GW.
Personally i dont think they are a threat, most people who discover PP do so via GW, GW has survived so long because it has shops and you simply cant argue against the benefit of providing a place to use the products you sell.

The stores are the one element that no other games company would dare to sink money into, but its the one think GW cant afford to give up because its the thing that separates them from the rest of the wargames companies.

I Agree, Its their strongest point.
Lets just hope they don't have to give it up because of falling profits

what makes you think they have falling profits? GW did very well in the last financial year.

As i said in an earlier post: even their biggest store is having trouble, laying people off and closing others down...
it smells of financial melt down
And also i'm good friends with the guys at my local GW

One store does not melt a company, like i say there profits were up from 5.5 million for 2009 to 13 million for 2010 and they have cleared the debts caused by failing stores a few years back.

And no genhab you cant buy PP or play it in a GW store, infact if your GW store is selling and allowing the play of non GW games they are breaking the company rules or they are not a GW store and likely an Indie store

I would quite like it if GW had meaningful sales.
never have and never will, sales are to clear seasonal stock to make space for new season products(this is why clothes shops have a sale every 12 weeks)
GW do not have seasonal or perishable products so no need to have a sale, last actual genuine sale i can remember was when they swapped from lead to white metal after the lead ban,anything after that has been to promote a new store.

It isn't just one store... Must i repeat myself...

Either way, Lets just hope they don't have to drop anything. And that nothing does go wrong.

so which store are the ones in trouble then?

the wakefiled store needed to loose staff, several of the staff that worked there were transferred there from the white rose GW shop when it was closed, the white rose was closed down because the company that owns the white rose center in Leeds increased the shop rents to 80k a year for what was effectively a shoe box with glass window and GW refused to pay that amount so moved the leeds city center store to a larger and more prominent area of the city ,meaning that both leeds stores were "closed down" but in effect were joined into one larger store. As for the wakefiled store its never been busy on any other day than Saturday so it should have been no surprise that if they were not shifting enough product they were not going to keep the extra staff from the white rose.

I guess the guy i know made it all out to be more than it was then.
I came from leeds so i know the shops there were a tad small.

My apologies for any confusion

If it was Rob at wakefield just ignore him hes a bit of a drama queen.
Leeds whiterose was my local store and i was pissed when it closed as it was literally minutes from my house, now i have the tricky public transport trip to leeds or trying to find parking near the ridings center in wakefield which is a complete bitch with diversions and new one way systems because of all the building work.

I forgot to put it in my earlier post, but i thought this thread was going to be about someone who had made a 40K monopoly set.

Has anyone ever seen one? I'm sort of dissapointed. :(
i have to admit i was kinda hoping someone had made the set too lol

On a similar note i would quite fancy a 40k version of risk and loads of people have made 40k chess sets

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