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Games Workshop Monopoly?

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I was thinking about the pricing of Games Workshop mini's and was trying to figure out why it was so high.

Is this because GW has virtual monopoly with WH and WH40k?

Or is there another reason for this? :unsure:
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Correct me if i'm wrong but don't GW own WH and WH40k......

The money spent on the renting of stores, paying the wages of the staff who work there, making sure there is the stock available to fill those stores, transporting the stock to those stores and sundry others expenses I wouldn'
A few stores in towns near me have closed down because of little to no turn over.
Staff have been laid off in my local store, there is only the manager on e one other guy left from there being about 5 not including the manager.
The guy that does work there has to bring in all the stock himself, when they need it, which is rare because they aren't selling much anymore.... its the biggest one in the country :shok:
and you simply cant argue against the benefit of providing a place to use the products you sell.
I Agree, Its their strongest point.
Lets just hope they don't have to give it up because of falling profits

As i said in an earlier post: even their biggest store is having trouble, laying people off and closing others down...
it smells of financial melt down
And also i'm good friends with the guys at my local GW

It isn't just one store... Must i repeat myself...

Either way, Lets just hope they don't have to drop anything. And that nothing does go wrong.

i dont know which ones specifically. I was told this by some one who works for GW though. I aint just making this up.

The Wakefield Store. I know three guys who have been laid off from there and the only remaining one has told me all i am repeating to you

I guess the guy i know made it all out to be more than it was then.
I came from leeds so i know the shops there were a tad small.

My apologies for any confusion

"Go to the Eye of Terror. Go directly to the Eye of Terror. Do not pass Cadia. Do not collect $200."
Predictable but epic nontheless :laugh:

That, My friend, goes beyond epic.
You actually went and did it!
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