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Games Workshop Monopoly?

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I was thinking about the pricing of Games Workshop mini's and was trying to figure out why it was so high.

Is this because GW has virtual monopoly with WH and WH40k?

Or is there another reason for this? :unsure:
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yes its those little black and red shops they provide for people to play the games in
Ah, i see. They lose thier money on keeping thier stores.

Correct me if i'm wrong but don't GW own WH and WH40k......

I mean, GW has very few competitors that are to the same standard.
A few stores in towns near me have closed down because of little to no turn over.
Staff have been laid off in my local store, there is only the manager on e one other guy left from there being about 5 not including the manager.
The guy that does work there has to bring in all the stock himself, when they need it, which is rare because they aren't selling much anymore.... its the biggest one in the country :shok:
While on one hand, I would like less expensive minis. I wouldn't want GW stores to close. :(
I Agree, Its their strongest point.
Lets just hope they don't have to give it up because of falling profits

While it would definatly lower costs, GW would have to be online/mailorder only.

It would be harder to get new people to discover the games, as they can't just wander into the store.
I forgot to put it in my earlier post, but i thought this thread was going to be about someone who had made a 40K monopoly set.

Has anyone ever seen one? I'm sort of dissapointed. :(
That would be funny, but which properties could you buy? :laugh:

£100 for the Golden Throne lol
You have been caught by the Inquisition, Go to Jail.
I asked myself, should i go to bed, or should i open photoshop and make a 40k monopoly board.


I kinda want to print it out and start making pieces now.
you sir, are a legend. + Rep :)
Sorry but I take exception to this. I have to live on an extremely tight budget as it is and with the price of GW these days, I rarely buy anything (I've abandoned the 'I spend the same but just get less' attidude as the perceived value of their models has dropped for me. Yes, the quality is better, but not to the extent their prices demand). However, when I do buy something, I will do it from an online store. Why? Because GW stores don't offer anything other than high prices- I don't game at GW stores (much prefer doing it at home with mates and a beer) so I have no reason to not buy online and as such, I'm not being "rude" as you put it. :angry:
I'm in the same boat as you. GW has priced me out a long time ago.
1 - 8 of 64 Posts
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