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Games Workshops 25th Celebration is coming, and we're going to see some exclusive stuff being released in-store only come Saturday morning when the stores open, and so far two of those things have been revealed (but there is more to come):

These include a rather beautiful sketchbook from Jes Goodwin featuring the last 25 years of the Eldar, and apparantly the cover features the OOP Necromunda Farseer from the olden days. It's the size of the Citadel Battle Case and looks damn impressive, definitely a buy from me.

The second is an exclusive Forge World figure, a new Tartaros-pattern Terminator-armoured Legion Praetor armed with a Power Glaive. I quite like this one as well, especially with the badass glaive. I think i'll be picking this up as a new Praetor for my Legion.

The only other intel we have so far is this;

SpikeyBits said:
It’s also the stores 26th anniversary so the day is double special! There will be goody bags available too for purchases over £50 and £100 along with other exclusive items only available that day!
If these items are the same level of quality as the Eldar artbook then I may be making a few purchases come that day. Thankfully it's the day after payday, so good timing. :grin:

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